SFC operates to design an individualized, progressive plan to maximize your health, lifestyle demands, and physical fitness.

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How is SFC Different?

Are you Adapting or just Suffering better?

Adapting - are you actually getting the applicable changes YOU want and need that have a direct carry over to life?

Have you adapted to:
- Walking up a flight of stairs without becoming breathless?
- Feeling comfortable picking up a heavy object?
- Reading your body and responding appropriately to life's mental and physical challenges?

At SFC Fitness & Health, we take measures to make sure you get the right type of exercise intensity and dosage every time you train. There's method to the madness instead of random "workouts" performed for high, sloppy reps simple chasing exhaustion for the sake of calories burning.

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General Human Preparedness is Our Goal!

At SFC, we believe that whatever you do to increase your fitness should not cause harm to your health and should preferably improve it.

Most folks will train 3-4 days a week, so its essential to have a balanced program that allows for productive adaptations. That's why we offer classes that stress the body appropriately, rotating periods of particular skill sets.

We follow the Neural Metabolic Continuum; it's a scientific way to organize training to prevent over-training, injuries, and/or burnout. It's not just a workout it is training!

Sustainable training = building a body that is capable of and ready for everything!

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SFC Level System | Standards and Possibilities

Our level system provides motivation, and guidance throughout your training journey allowing you to see what your hard work has accomplished and a GPS to help navigate your along the way.

Emphasis is placed on those activities which can provide significant contribution to the attainment of
- Strength
- Vitality
- Aerobic System Development
- Flexibility and Motor Control
- Play and Exploration

How can your know if you are getting results if you do not measure anything? Well, you can't!

That is why we evaluate every 13 weeks at SFC. You are able to demonstrate not only what you have worked hard to accomplish over the pervious 12 weeks, but also ares that need attention from a strength and conditioning standpoint. We are able to translate physical performance and achievements into meaningful terms.

We have three levels of training...

Through perseverance and precise, purposeful training, you will see what what your made of, which has a direct carryover to everyday life! Lessons learned in the gym via strength and conditioning allow you to tackle many obstacles in your life with confidence, freedom and independence.


Level 1

This is where your journey at SFC will start. This means having the skill, means, power and opportunity to do something. This level is symbolized by the monad known to represent beginnings or origin.


Level 2

As you progress through the SFC program you develop the foundation, ability, fitness, and/or quality to do or achieve a specific goal. Level 2 is represented by the Ailm, one of the common symbols for strength in the Celtic traditions.


Level 3

By level 3 you have made huge strides in your fitness journey. You are within the power and/or capacity that your have been striving for. This make the triskelion, known as a sign of progress, perfect for Level 3.

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A Note from the Founder

I believe that a capable body is freedom, physical freedom for exploration and curiosity to discover the joys and pleasures to experience all that life has to offer.

When we free the body by learning movement, building strength, growing endurance, and reconnecting with our bodies (aka. Authentic Training) the world becomes our oyster. whether it's playing with your kids or a challenging hike with friends, we should all be more inclined towards adventure and not having to question our ability to participate. Training in the gym means preparing to enjoy your passion outside of the gym. Through purposeful training, we develop discipline, compassion, and usefulness to care for ourselves and those around us.

"A philosophy for how to use one's body is just as useful as a philosophy for how to live one's life". - Laci Weeks

All of us get only one chance to enjoy life, so choose wisely, my friends. Remember that better choices now mean more choices later.

At SFC, we provide training and coaching in preparation for the real movements, real challenges, and the real adventures of life!

Train Well. Live Better.

Laci Weeks

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