Testimonial by James - SFC Fitness and Health

I look forward to working out, which I have never done before!

Q & A with James about his experience with SFC fitness and Laci Weeks.

Q: Where were you at (physically/mentally/etc.) before SFC Fitness & Health? 
A: "I would go to the gym, but didn't really know how to have a good workout and wasn't very motivated when I was there. As a result, my energy level was low."

Q: Where are you at now?
A: "My energy is at an all-time high. I KNOW I am in good shape, physically and mentally. The added SFC benefits of nutrition and sleep advice have been keys to the success."

Q: What challenges have you overcome as a part of our family?
A: "Staying on a regular workout schedule - I now never miss a session."

Q: What accomplishments are you most proud of as a result of being a member?
A: "Knowing that the movements I perform are making a difference by having an expert trainer to lead me. Also, I no longer have back pain from doing exercises the totally wrong way."

Q: What are the biggest benefits you've seen as a result of being a member? 
A: "I look forward to working out, which I have never done before!"

Q: What do you love most about SFC Fitness & Health?
A: "Laci's positive attitude and encouragement, as well as a tailored program for where I am at any given time."

Q: How does being a member of SFC make you feel?
A: "Proud that I am taking care of my body."

Q: What 3 words best describe SFC?
A: "Confident. Encouraging. Premier."

Q: What would you say to someone who is considering joining our family but is on the fence?
A: "Give it a try for three months and give it all you have. If you don't feel better about your fitness level, you just aren't trying!"

Q: What's something you wished everybody knew about SFC?
A: "There is truly a family feeling about SFC."