Testimonial by Tim - SFC Fitness and Health

SFC Fitness is truly a complete package

"Last summer, I endured two back surgeries and, after a lengthy healing process, was then able to start physical therapy.  The therapy wrapped up in the fall and, although my back was doing much better, my strength, stamina, muscle tone, and overall fitness had really taken a hit.  I felt feeble and unable to get back to any kind of a normal life.  I walked with an “old man shuffle.”   That was when I decided to check out training with SFC Fitness & Health.

Laci was able to customize a program that focused on core strength and balance that was easy on the back.  I have been in the program for about six months now and the improvement in my overall well-being, confidence, and attitude is incredible.  I typically work out with Laci twice a week and she continues to find ways to make workouts interesting, challenging and fun!

Laci also combines workout sessions with valuable nutrition information,  motivational materials, interesting guest speakers, and even virtual happy hours.  SFC Fitness is truly a complete package to serve members health and fitness needs in a holistic way."

- Tim