Laci truly goes above and beyond for all of her clients.

"Laci is, quite simply, amazing.  Not only does she design interesting and challenging workouts, frequently changing them up to keep my brain working, she also spends time addressing special needs and injuries.  I have had chronic neck and shoulder pain for years and activities like golf and tennis can be difficult.  But she works tirelessly to design workouts that improve my range of motion, reduce the pain, and strengthen my weaknesses so I can get back out on the court.  It’s a work-in-progress, and she goes out of her way, even seeking advice from other experts, to help me.  

Throughout the covid lockdown, she has done a tremendous job keeping her clients engaged by holding frequent zoom workouts, posting new workouts, and sending email updates with useful information about topics like breathing and mindfulness.  She truly goes above and beyond for all of her clients."

- Jennifer